San Francisco Scavenger


Jill K. Robinson


San Francisco lures people in search of a wide variety of treasure: fame, wealth, property, inspiration, love, family, community, freedom, and a fresh start. With this book in your hands, you hold a treasure map to the history of the City by the Bay―from its earliest days to more modern times. Solve 360 rhyming clues that take you on a scavenger hunt through 19 different neighborhoods across the 49 square miles of San Francisco. Each riddle includes a photo to help you find museums, public artworks, historical sites, bars and restaurants, architectural highlights, and more. Whether you love the thrill of solving a puzzle, have a desire to learn a little history, feel the urge to get out and explore, or even rediscover a city you thought you knew, find the true spirit of San Francisco in the pages of this book. Author and travel journalist Jill K. Robinson left her heart in San Francisco in her earliest childhood years. She brings her years of research, love for the city, and countless hours of exploring to this epic scavenger quest. Come with an adventurous spirit, and whether you solve the clues alone or with family and friends, this creative excursion will help you unlock the secrets of San Francisco.