Riverside International Raceway


Pete Lyons


“RIR. Riverside International Raceway. Remind any race fan of times spent there and history witnessed, of how the track died, of what was lost, and you will find the wounds are still raw. Riverside meant so much to so many. The place was dusty, drab, and distant, but it was dear.

For a third of a century, RIR was the spiritual home of speed in southern California and one of the prides of American motorsports. Racers worldwide ranked Riverside with the greatest of road courses. It was not their match in physical beauty, perhaps, but certainly it was on par with the biggest tracks in the United States and even in Europe in magnitude, challenge, and importance.

Within the pages of Riverside International Raceway, celebrated motorsports author and photographer Pete Lyons provides an insider’s look at the moments at Riverside that shaped auto racing history. Explore Riverside’s series of well-designed turns and experience the thrilling events that took place at each one. With an exhaustive collection of rare photography and artwork, this is the authoritative history of one of racing’s greatest tracks”