Reno 2012 the Return of Air Racing DVD


Mark Chiolis


The OFFICIAL 2012 Race Video 2 disc DVD

Reno 2012 – After the tragic events at Reno 2011 the future of the World’s Fastest Motorsport was unknown. Thankfully, through the tireless work of the Reno Air Race Association, the Cities of Reno and Sparks, the State of Nevada, and many others who devoted their time and efforts assured that the world’s most unique racing event would continue, at least for this year.

2012 was a year of rebuilding, not only for the Reno Air Race Association, the race teams, and the fans, but also for the video production team. This year we have two goals with the official DVD and HD Blu Ray video production. The first is that if you were here in attendance we wanted to provide you with a memory of what you experienced as well as to take you to some places that you weren’t able to get to, behind the scenes and up close and personal with the pilots, crew and performers. Secondly, if you weren’t able to attend the event in person, we wanted to provide you with something that would allow you to experience for yourself what it was like to be here with as many of the sights, sounds and smells that we could capture and contain with the capabilities of today’s video distribution technology.

This year’s video production is a tribute, a tribute to everyone that was affected and touched by the events of Friday September 16, 2011.

We kick things off with some thoughts from key individuals that give some insight in this area over the last year. We will feature an interview with each of the racing class President’s talking about the planes, the pilots, the course and how they’ve prepared for racing in 2012.

You’ll see highlights of all the medal races for each of the 6 classes and hear from each of the winners about how it was out on the course for each of them during the race. Included will be air show performances and interviews with Clay Lacy and Joe Clark flying the Lear Jet, Jim Peitz doing aerobatics in a very unassuming looking Bonanza, Kent Pietsch thrilling the crowd with his dead stick performance and landing his Interstate Cadet on the top of a specially modified truck bed as they both move down the runway.

The Patriot Jet Team excites the crowd with military precision putting their L-39’s through a great routine celebrating the red, white and blue of America. David Martin, always a crowd favorite, flies an amazing and award winning routine in his CAP 232 and shows why he has won both individual and team medals in multiple World Aerobatic Championships.

We’ll get a look at the F-22 Raptor, the U-2 as it flies by and some of the other crowd pleasing aircraft that were part of this year’s Reno 2012 air show performances, and even some that weren’t!

In addition to some other pleasant surprises you’ll find on the video we’re including a very special interview with Mr. Robert “R.A. Bob” Hoover and Mr. Clay Lacy sitting down together to talk about their first meeting, becoming great friends, and working together over the year’s.

You don’t want to miss hearing from Bob Hoover, also known as “The Pilot’s Pilot” and from Clay Lacy who, as far as we can best determine, has the greatest number of flight hours of any living human today, and he continues to increase that each time he takes to the skies today!

Run Time 6 hours