Racing Car Constructors of the 70s: An A-Z of the Decade’s Makers


Carlos  De Paula


Racing Car Constructors of the 70s is the second of series of books written by Carlos de Paula concerning racing in the 70s. The 542-page book, with almost 150 thousand words, covers over 2400 racing car constructors from 49 countries from all inhabited continents. The reference work provides listings in alphabetical order, identifying the nationality of constructors and the categories in which the cars were raced, covering not only major categories but also local ones. Multiple thousands of race results and entry lists were consulted in over 12 languages, resulting in the most complete work of the type ever written. The book covers single seaters and purpose-built sports cars that raced during the 70s, including 300 rare photographs and sketches prepared by the author, covering a large number of categories such as Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 5000, Champ Cars, Sports Cars, Group 7, Group 5 Silhouette, Formula Atlantic, Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Super Vee, Formula 1430, Formula Easter, Argentine single seater categories, Soviet single seater categories, Formula 100, Formula 1300/1200, Hill Climb Specials, Formula Renault, Formula Bleue, Formula Italia, Formula Monza, Formula 750, Formula 850, Formula 4, Formula Libre, SCCA Classes (A, B, C and D Sports Racers, Formulas A, B and C), Japanese classes, Clubman Formula, Formula 2000, Formula Pacific, etc. An ideal companion to the book Motor Racing in the 70’s., also written by the author.