Raceman Jim Travers and TRACO


Gordon Chance


RACEMAN is a testimony to not only one of the finest engine builders in the history of American auto racing, Jim Travers, but to an era defined by competition at the crossroads of technology. The references are legendary, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Riverside Raceway, Sebring and LeMans, but Gordon Chance doesn’t dwell on racetracks or engineering. Both are mentioned in context, serving only to reinforce the relationships which were forged through an uncompromising desire to be the best and win championships. The people involved, beginning with Travers at Traco, include the likes of Roger Penske, Billy Vukovich, Bruce McLaren, A.J. Foyt and Mark Donohue. There are historic photographs and meticulously indexed details of races won and lost, all captured on beautiful archival paper. Still, the heart of this book belongs to the mechanics who thought out the machinery and formed a foundation of trust. This is an inside look at a dynasty, offered through the language, pragmatism and work ethic of the time. “The Teenage Tuner” was there. His ground level view is based on respect, given for and received from the men whose imagination, commitment and integrity provided the motivation for this story. Gordon Chance gives you Jim Travers, his mentor Max Kelly and a Traco hall of fame, all of whom were personal friends. RACEMAN is therefore a lasting acknowledgement and an elegant, heartfelt tribute to those individuals who shared a common bond through time spent in the pursuit of excellence -Marco Barla