Professor Speed: Danny McKeever and the Mind Game of Going Fast


Tom Madigan Andrew Layton


Come along for a drive into the life of Danny McKeever, who for over 40 years has been one of America’s top driving instructors. Founder of Fast Lane Driving School in Southern California, Danny McKeever was chief instructor for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix at Long Beach from 1985 until the race’s last installment in 2016. Jam-packed with pro driving tips, tongue-in-cheek humor, and inside stories featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the tale of Danny McKeever’s life in the fast lane is not just a resource for how to improve your own driving skills; it’s a story about what it takes to lead the pack, on the track and in everyday life.

With personal contributions from celebrities Adam Carolla, Rutledge Wood, Stephen Baldwin, Brian Austin Green, Dara Torres, Perry King, and Lorenzo Lamas.

A portion of proceeds from every book sold goes to the Page Jones Brain Injury Foundation