Power Building Videos Performance Carburetors DVD


Arron Johnson


This double sided DVD show contains almost 3 1/2 hours of HIGHLY detailed, yet easy to understand information covering numerous brands and types of carbs, including Holley, Edelbrock, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology and Weber (to name a few). Some of the many topics covered include choosing the right carb for your vehicle, single 4 set-ups, 6 pack set-ups, dual 4’s, 2 barrels vs. 4 barrels, and much, much more.

You’ll see how each carb works, including how to modify one for the ultimate performance, and to suit your particular vehicle and driving needs. You’ll see how to set, adjust & re-jet. Learn the difference between vacuum secondary’s & double pumper’s. You’ll finally be able to put all of the old wives tales to rest! No more crappy throttle response and problems bogging off the line. You’ll learn all of the secrets to selecting and tuning the right carb for your engine!

You’ll also see how to rebuild and modify a carb for the best all around performance. You’ll learn how chokes work and how to set them, how to tell if you’re too lean or too rich, and much, much more! Arron shows you everything you ever wanted to know about performance carbs (and then some), so you won’t make the same mistakes most other people make over and over again when they choose the wrong carb for their engine and wonder why their car doesn’t run very well. It’s well worth spending the money on this video to get the right carb the first time, and know how to set it up so it works the best! This set also includes several pages of very useful carb data and size charts.