Porsche 917 The Heroes, the Victories, the Myth


Födisch, Neßhöver, Roßbach


Porsche 917: The Heroes, the Victories, the Myth is the most complete collection of 917 facts, data, and anecdotes, including driver biographies and complete international race results. The book also features scores of evocative photographs and memorabilia, many of them previously unpublished.
With the 917, Porsche finally claimed the prize it had long sought—outright victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours. After winning Le Mans in 1970 the 917 enjoyed tremendous success in the sports car racing’s International Championship for Manufacturers before leading a second life as the all-conquering, 1100-horsepower turbocharged Can-Am racer. This huge and beautifully illustrated book describes the breathtaking development and the innovative technology of this amazing car. The authors interviewed engineers, drivers, technicians, team managers, and mechanics to produce a contemporary account of the 917. Together these men tell the story of how the 917 was conceived, designed, and built— and then refined into an even faster, more potent competitor. The most revealing stories come from the racers themselves, as they candidly recall their successes and failures in the 917 and explain why they both loved and hated this legendary car.