Pebble Beach Remembered


Art Evans

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Starting in 1950 and ending in 1956, the sports car at Pebble Beach were the premier road racing events on the U.S. West Coast. This is a scrapbook that reproduces every program and every race report from the Sports Car Club of America official magazine, Sports Car. Every entrant and the results of each race are included. The book is illustrated with more than 500 period photographs. The death of Ernie McAfee is recounted in some detail. After the Pebble Beach course was abandoned, a purpose-built track was built on what was then part of nearby Fort Ord. The first event at Laguna Seca was billed the “8th Annual Pebble Beach National Championship Sports Car Road Races.” This event is also detailed plus the very first vintage races-held on August 10, 1974-at Laguna Seca. Creator Steve Earle billed it the “1st Annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races.” A highlight of the book are remembrances of a number of those who raced there including winners Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, Jack McAfee, Bill Pollack and Pete Lovely. 8½ x 11 portrait format.