Nürburgring Album 1960-1969 – Nordschleife & Südschleife


Michael Behrndt, Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Nils Ruwisch


Reacquaintance is a joy. This book recalls the Nürburgring in the time before the advent of major reconstruction work around the circuit. Those were the days when visitors – separated from the action by nothing but hedges – were free to experience and photograph the drivers and their cars, when you did not have to spend the whole weekend sitting in numbered seats but could wander around the track searching for the best vantage points.

With this book, come along for a spin around the ‘Ring during the exciting 1960s. Unique atmospheric photographs show the ‘Ring with all the colourful hustle and bustle on the track, in the pits and in the paddock, as well as providing diverse impressions of the races themselves. The text and pictures take you from one section of track to the next, starting in the Eifel forest idyll of Hatzenbach to the adventures of the tourist drivers in the Adenauer Forst, then on to flying formula racers at the Brünnchen and to sports cars passing tent cities at the Schwalbenschwanz.

It was only in those days that the ‘Ring could provide its truly unique experiences, and this is the first time they have all been presented together in one single book.

Photos: 103 in colour and 255 in black-and-white

Text in English & German