Nevada’s Teamsters Truckers & Truck Stops A Chronicle


Jerry Aaron

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This chronicle of trucking in the Silver State begins with the Teamsters of the late 1800s and follows the transportation trail as it progressed from bullwhacker to throttle jockey. For truckers and non truckers alike it provides an insight into the building of Nevada-based trucking companies along with those folks that provided food and fuel. It is a narrative of early trucking and some strong willed people that worked hard to make their living over and along the roads and highways that traverse Nevada’s high desert. Some business owners would expand and continue as part of today’s Nevada trucking industry, while others remained small or disappeared into antiquity.

In the minds of old-school truckers, it will evoke memories of their time behind the wheel and the camaraderie between the drivers of their day. The modern-day trucker will come away with an understanding of how the trucking industry evolved, not only in Nevada, but across the country. It tells of the times when truckers were respected and their trucks received the full service treatment at the fuel islands. It recalls a time when drivers ate in little greasy spoon cafés and filled their bellies full of cholesterol before it was taboo and when black coffee was their energy drink.

The book will place the reader in the cab of a trucking time machine that covers over a hundred and fifty years of Nevada’s transportation industry. Come and ride along the roads of the past with hardworking teamsters and truckers. Sit on a stool at a truck stop run by those special and sometimes eccentric people who chose to cater to the travelers of an earlier time in remote areas of Nevada. As you open the pages of this book, over 200 hundred photographs will bring to  life the stories as your adventure unfolds.