MoteurS ! : The Motorsport Adventure


Marie Grasse ETAI


From the design of Icarus (the embodiment of the myth of flying) to the ecological considerations of the moving machines of the new millennium, to the advent of competition in the late nineteenth century, the sky, the sea and the land fascinate, challenge and question humanity. Under the lens of motor sports, human genius is unveiled in the quest for transcendence. Men and women with extraordinary journeys are the guides of this journey in the past and the present. Their ambition allowed to realize “the unthinkable”. For the first time in a company museum, airplanes, motorboats, automobiles and motorcycles are presented in an exhibition entitled EngineS! The National Museum of Sport is for a few months the crossroads of the most remarkable pieces of motorized vehicles, stories of pilots of legends, graphic representations of the drunkenness of speed … This catalog composed by the best specialists of the subject invites readers to a real journey in the world of motorsports and our dreams of the craziest machines …