Morgan 3-Wheeler Gold Portfolio 1910-1952




H.F.S. Morgan’s original intention was to produce a cheap, economy car. The basic design of the first Morgan consisted of a light tubular frame with a front-mounted V-twin motorcycle engine and three wheels. Refinements such as front wheel brakes and underslung rear springs were added over the years and by 1933 a three-speed gearbox was available. The engine was not enclosed until the F-type appeared in 1934 with a Ford engine under a conventional bonnet. Despite the original intention of economy the power to weight ratio lent itself to competition work and with various modifications Morgans competed successfully during the 1930s. This is a book of contemporary road tests. Specification and technical data, new model introductions, competition use, history, tuning and maintenance, travel. Models covered include: 1100 Aero, 980 Family, Super Sports, Sports two-Seater, Family, 4-cylinder, V-Twin Sports, F Super.