Millenove The Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint, Super Sprint and more


H. Jurgen Dohren


The Alfa Romeo 1900 story, a great beginning after the Second World War.

Alfa Romeo anticipated the worldwide developing need for a fast sports sedan with luxurious comfort, excellent handling and top performance in the early 1950s.

The 1900 embodies the successful synthesis of these values ​​for the first time and thus highlights the difference between production and “Coachbuilt” vehicles. Its centerpiece is the engine designed by Orazio Satta with two overhead camshafts, a design that revolutionized modern engine construction. In the TI version, this engine delivers 100 hp and was victorious in many international races.

Not only the factory, but also the bodybuilders of the era made their decisive contribution to making something special out of the 1900 project.

Within a few years the designers and car body manufacturers developed an amazing variety of 1900 based cars. By the end of the era, there were 17 different, mostly small producers, who built their own cars on the Alfa Romeo 1900 platform.

All these vehicles, about 70 in number, will be presented in this book for the first time in a complete and detailed way.

The second edition of this successful work has been completely reworked, many photos have been exchanged and the layout has also been improved. The hard cover book covers 320 pages with more than 700 color illustrations.