Metalshaping – The Lost Sheet Metal Machines #1


Timothy Paul Barton


Metalshaping – Volumes 1 & 2 The secrets of shaping sheet metal are revealed, from the first car to current day and beyond. A four-year effort with over 500 contributors from around the world. Research includes the first patents, the first ads, and a breakdown of machinery models. Mind-blowing introduction to suppressed technology and to future-tech. Loads of photo instruction with full contact lists.

Book #1 Two chapters reveal the full history of automatic power hammers with original materials not seen in years. Two chapters show step-by-step body-making instructions in photos. One chapter covers “All about Louvers” and shows making louvers in detail. New discoveries in metal resurfacing are detailed in depth. Included is a history of why the technology was suppressed. One chapter shows inner and outer work on a Coach- built Ferrari.