Maximum Mini 2


Jeroen Booij


The long awaited sequel to Maximum Mini. Maximum Mini 2 describes another 60 cars based on the original Mini – none of which have been covered in the first book. It is illustrated with over 500 pictures that have not been seen in print before and describes the often remarkable ideas of budding motor manufacturers, much of it obtained by interviewing the designers themselves. In his researches Booij once more found some cars that were thought lost for decades. Highlights include the Mini Beach Car that was used by the British Royals; Owen Greenwood’s ‘four-wheeled motorbike’, which got banned from racing in the 1960s and the rare Quasar-Unipower City car: world’s first cube car that was wider and taller than it was long. Booij also found the Aurora GT, built for Lotus-driver Trevor Taylor and his sister Anita in 1965, which disappeared some years later. Some of the cars described are ingenious and beautifully designed; others excel due to the lack of styling, but fine or foolish – this book tells the tales about how they came to be, all of which are fascinating.