Lewis Leathers: Lewis Leathers: Wings, Wheels & Rock ’n’ Roll Vol.1


Rin Tanaka


Lewis Leathers is Britain’s oldest motorcycle apparel company. Lewis Leathers has specialised in high quality, English-made classic motorcycle jackets since 1892. In the mid ’50’s the British young teenagers were inspired by the American biker look which they picked-up as part of the then new motorcycle culture. They started to wear Lewis Leathers jackets. During the ’70’s Lewis Leathers got attention from the Punk scene. The company has a rich history and is nowadays a true cult classic. Rin Tanaka, publisher of the legendary My Freedamn book series, made the ‘Lewis Leathers – Wings, Wheels and Rock & Roll Vol.1 (1890’s-1960’s)‘ book together with Derek Harris (the driving force behind Lewis Leathers). Rin Tanaka is an expert when it comes to vintage clothing and lifestyle. With the Lewis Leathers book Vol. 1 Rin Tanaka dived into the large Lewis Leathers archive to show some unique pieces and highlights from the history of the company. Just like his previous books you can put this one  high on your wishlist. And it seems that there’s also a Vol. 2 coming.