Daniele Buzzonetti


As a prominent expression of the highest Italian car tradition, the Lancia brand has gone through more than 110 years of history between dazzling moments of glory and disastrous falls. This volume, next to the succession of models, many of which are proposed with exclusive photographic services, reports an accurate analysis of all the events related to the brand, with a particular attention to the latest sporting glory, commented exclusively by the famous Sporting director Cesare Fiorio as well as the pilots Sandro Munari and Miki Biasion.

Led to success by the great Vincenzo Lancia, who disappeared at the age of 55, the car company was re-launched in the post-war period by his son, the engineer Gianni Lancia, with memorable models and victories in some of the most important races in the world. The book traces the whole story.

text   Italian & English