Lambretta L1 Series Scooters


Andrea & David Sparrow


Within this detailed book you will find 90 superb original color photographs, brief background history of the company and full story of the LI series. Basic specification and statistics quotes, and interesting facts and feats. Introduced as a more stylish and versatile alternative to the popular and practical Lambretta LD series, the LI was produced by Innocenti in various guises from 1957 until the last Lambrettas of all rolled off the production line in 1971.

The LI series scooters were the most popular Lambrettas of all – the machines that people of a certain age remember affectionately from their youth, coming in a range of bright colors and with shiny chrome. The LI Series was a fast-selling success for Innocenti – not just in its native Italy, but also throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world.