Jetliners of the Red Star


Charles Kennedy


This book tells the story of every jetliner produced by the Soviet Union, including the Tupolev Tu-104 (the world’s first successful passenger jet), the Ilyushin Il-62 (Aeroflot’s flagship) and the supersonic rival to Concorde, the Tu-144. Other chapters cover the Tu-154 workhorse, the Il-86/-96 jumbo jet and the world’s first regional jet, the Yak-40 (and -42). The meltdown of political certainties coincided with the Tu-204, which was able to form a bridge out of the old Soviet era into the current age. The story of commercial aviation and aero engineering behind the Iron Curtain is told in fascinating detail accompanied by beautiful illustrations taken from Russian archives by Charles Kennedy, one of aviation’s best-known writers. Not only for aviation fans but also a fascinating look Soviet history, European socialism and the evolution of technology. Chapter each on the Tu-104/-124, -134, -144, -154 & -204; Il-62 & -86/-96; Yak-40/-42; and an essay on the history of Aeroflot. Bonus feature: SU s epic winter 1985/86 timetable reproduced in full. 158 pages and over 250 classic pics.