How To Buy An Affordable Electric Car: A Tightwad’s Guide to EV Ownership


Matt DeLorenzo


Whether you’re looking to save the planet or just a couple of bucks, this book is for you. Electric cars are here. Trouble is, it seems many of the choices are high-dollar EVs from luxury manufacturers. At first blush, it appears the average car buyer is not necessarily invited to the EV party. Rest assured, there are more affordable models from mainstream manufacturers out there. This book will help you find them.
But, deciding if you should replace your old gas burner with a shiny new electric one depends on your answers to these questions: How far do you commute? Does the place you park at home or at work have access to electricity? Will an electric car be your primary or secondary vehicle? What about tax incentives? Can you really afford one? What will it be like to own an EV? Here’s your roadmap to making an informed decision that’s right for you and your wallet.