How To Build a Fiberglass Car


Floyd Clymer


“The original contributors, W. I. Boyce-Smith, Edmond Kelly and Hugh Jorgensen, all played a significant role in the design, development and construction of the fiberglass bodied VICTRESS sports car. While the technology of constructing impact resistant lightweight automobile bodies has advanced considerably since this book was first published, many of the exotic materials and composites in use today are beyond the capabilities available to the average home-based “special” builder. However, this comprehensive and informative book, written in easy to understand language, puts the capability of designing and building a custom bodied special within reach of the home-based enthusiast. The principles it contains are just as relevant today as they were some 50 years ago when this book was first written. The design process is clearly explained, the raw materials required are described, and the construction process is presented in an easy-to-follow step by step procedure. Obviously, this book would also be a valuable reference for anyone contemplating repairing, refurbishing or restoring a fiberglass bodied automobile. This edition also includes a 40 page bonus section featuring reproductions of VICTRESS sales literature.