Hot Rodder! From Lakes to Street


Albert Drake



The first history of hot rodding, from the 1920s to the 1990s, as told in the participants’ own words. A 17-year project, this book includes chapters on the early years, California dry lake time trials, circle track roadsters, Bonneville, custom cars and street rodding.

The 23 oral histories here include the well-known and less well-known, among them Karl and Veda Orr, Burke LeSage, William Kenz, Joe Bailon, Bob Kaiser, Dee Wescott, Big Bill Edwards, Dick Ford, Jack Henry and more. Writers interviewed include Henry Gregor Felsen, Roger Huntington and Peter Sukalac.

The text is substantial; the book aims at people who love to read, especially about hot rod history. It contains information and anecdote that cannot be found elsewhere and, since many of the participants have passed away, would otherwise be lost. The book has 200 photographs, most of them rare. There are photos of cars that have never been written about, such as the Weinberg roadster, perhaps the most exotic hot rod ever built; the Houle-Henry roadster, Dick Ford’s 129 A-V8, built in 1945; etc.

Soft bound, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 176 pages, 200 photographs.