HOT ROD DREAMS Car Shows and Culture


Larry Erickson & David Boulé, Foreword by Billy F Gibbons


HOT ROD DREAMS – Car Shows and Culture tells the sensational story of how indoor hot rod shows changed America and taught the world to love hot rods, customs and the people who built them.

There was a time – not long ago – when cars were much more than transportation. This was the era when people defined much of their public persona around cars. People felt they were what they drove, and many lusted after rides that would set them apart. Cars influenced art and entertainment, and a rapidly growing number of hot rod and custom car shows fed these appetites and fantasies.

During this era, Bob Larivee was the undisputed ringmaster of the greatest show on Earth – the indoor hot rod and custom car show. Driven by pure enthusiasm, and possessing a natural gift of knowing what would draw people, Larivee built an empire that showcased style, color, horsepower, pop culture and fantasy. For decades, his events helped define American car passion while fueling the dreams of millions around the world.

Hot Rod Dreams – Car Shows and Culture celebrates the people and stories of this not-so-long-ago era, while also exploring how popular culture inspires our concepts of personal identity. HOT ROD DREAMS features more than 350 photos, many of which have never been published.