Home Workshop Sourcebook


Julian Edgar


Love being in your home workshop? You’ll love this book then.

Inside you’ll find a detailed, step-by-step description of building a large home workshop – from levelling the ground and constructing the building to placing the machine tools in the finished workshop… and everything in between.

Lighting, storage, layout and power – it’s all covered in a practical, down-to-earth style.

Have space for only a more modest workshop? That’s included as well.

Building workbenches that are solid, cheap and long-lasting – that’s in this book too.

There’s also a multitude of material on tools and techniques – from using hand files to multimeters, from wiring electrical relays to using taps and dies to make threads, from welding techniques to sharpening drill bits.

Always wondered about using jigs, guides and templates? Or what you should look for when selecting a sheet metal folder? It’s all in here.