History and Glories of Modena Motoring


Enzo Ferrari


Enzo Ferrari would not have been Enzo Ferrari without Modena, a city and a territory that created a unique treasure or technical skills, artistic values and human abilities all focused on racing cars.  Modena would not have become the world capital of racing cars without Enzo Ferrari, who was born here, where he founded and managed his Scuderia, who lived in town, commuting every day to Maranello where the carat bat bear both his name and the prancing horse are produced.

This book summarizes Enzo Ferrari’s life. He was bornin one of the buildings that form the museum. Just like the Scuderia Ferrari with its Alfa Romeo and Ferrari cars, from 1947 onwards Modena appears as a protagonist not only as a background. The second part of the book is dedicated to the glories of Modena car racing, in a flashback which starts at the beginning of the twentieth century, and finishes, by choice, in the 1970’s.

Times and circumstances have changed, but if what the Museum and this book tell us had not happened, today, the pages dedicated to the Rosse would be empty.