Hispano Suiza & Pegaso


David Beare


Hispano-Suiza and Pegaso,

Birkigt & Ricart.
Two brilliant engineers and the two marques they established in Spain.

The first volume of two, it covers Hispano-Suiza from 1904 to 1939 primarily from the perspective of Barcelona rather than Bois-Colombes in France. I have used mainly Spanish-language sources and have written about Hispano-Suiza cars, aero-engines, military vehicles, trucks and buses, the satellite Guadalajara factory and its products, racing cars and competition successes. The evolution of the French Bois-Colombes business and its glorious H6 and V12 models is also studied.
The second volume traces the history and development of the fabulous Pegaso sports-cars of 1951-1957 designed by Wifredo Ricart, again using Spanish sources for the real inside story.

The background to Pegaso sportscars is utterly fascinating; this book looks at the influences brought to Pegaso, firstly by Marc Birkigt and the long-established Hispano-Suiza factory in Barcelona, the pre-WWII career of Ricart with his own designs, then with Alfa-Romeo developing racing cars and aero-engines, his relationship with Enzo Ferrari and the social, commercial and political problems in Spain he had to overcome. This book will be the first to be published in English on Pegaso cars and is long overdue.