The Last Days of Henry Ford


Henry Dominguez


Award winning author and historian, Henry Dominguez, combed through dusty newspapers, viewed historic newsreels, and interviewed nearly four dozen eye witnesses, and weaved together in minute detail the last eighteen months of Henry Ford’s live. And the story turned out to be just as fantastical as the rest of the motor magnate’s life.
The Fords’ had had a busy 1946-attending numerous ceremonies commemorating Ford’s 50th anniversary of completing his first motorcar, and celebrating his 83rd birthday party with 80,000 residents of Dearborn, his hometown. At the beginning of 1947, he and his wife, Clara took their usual winter sojourn to their magnificent estate outside Savannah, Georgia. When they returned to Dearborn the end of March, rains began that would set the stage for the dramatic end to Henry Ford’s life.
Saddened by the early death of his son, Edsel, battling dementia and the effects of old age, Henry Ford faded away in mid-century, just as the automobile industry and the city of Detroit reached the heights of their fortunes. This painstakingly chronicled history will intrigue and haunt all who read it.