GRAND PRIX – Le Monoposto del Campionato di Formula 1 – The Formula 1 Championship Single-Seaters


Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari


An unusual and unprecedented exhibition of a remarkable cultural importance, welcomes the protagonists of the Formula One Championships from 1950 to 1994: an out of the ordinary Grand Prix, a starting grid which turns an impossible dream into reality: as if drivers and cars, leading lights in different moments, can still challenge one another on the field.

The most immediate aspect, which clearly emerges in this curious and intriguing exhibition, is really that aspect relative to the evolution of the species: already in the overall vision of these works of genius, it is possible to understand the progressive relationship between performance, safety and innovation: all together, the cars show a clear counter-position between technological perfection and aesthetic value, where nothing was left to chance and everything seemed to be aimed at efficiency.

So, only enlightened people and companies have been able to perceive certain paths: only the Name brings certain facts to mind, which in most cases, still represents an unequalled success, pursued with great commitment and passion: as always in these cases, nothing was left to chance, not even a trace.