Glory Days: When Horsepower and Passion Ruled Detroit


Jim Wangers


Glory Days conjures up images of cruise nights, impromptu drag races, and genuine American fun. It is the story of the GTO, Tigers and Monkeys, of Royal Pontiac, drag racing, corporate politics, and personal allegiances. Glory Days illuminates an era when Detroit’s Woodward Avenue fairly rumbled with V-8 power, as young people slowly cruised the wide boulevard. Glory Days is also an American success story, giving an insiders view of what it took then, and what it will take in the future, to keep alive America’s passion for the automobile. In Glory Days, Jim Wangers uses his 45-year career in Detroit as the basis for explaining successful brand marketing for automobiles:

Why brand management for cars differs from other branded products

How to position a model for the best possible tie-in promotion–and how not to

What it takes to establish and evolve a brand image Wangers knows what he is talking about, for he was part of the most successful brand marketing campaign to ever come out of Detroit. At a time when such automotive legends as Bunkie Knudsen, Pete Estes, and John DeLorean held sway in the Motor City, Jim Wangers created and defined the American muscle car image, devising savvy brand marketing strategies to promote the car that started it all and went on to become a cultural icon: the Pontiac GTO.