Frankly Frankl: Life, Love, Luck & Automobiles


Andrew Frankl



Nazis, Communists, Formula 1, Ferraris, the Cannonball Run, the Olympics, even a true love lost then found nearly 40 years later—Andrew Frankl’s memoir reads like a work of fantasy. But it’s all true. Inside this full-color 208-page hardcover book, complete with dust jacket, you’ll find Frankl’s reflections on his 80 years of life, love luck and automobiles.Each copy will be individually hand-signed by the author, making this a collectible book that can be treasured for years to come by anyone in the motorsports industry.

—Learn how Frankl’s story started in late 1956, when, at just 18 years of age, he was issued an AK47 and ordered to shoot the Russians

—Find out about his early career in motorsports when he left automaker Ford to join the annual publication Autocourse, and within a few years moved on to CAR.

—After selling CAR to Rupert Murdoch in the late 1980s for a tidy sum, Frankl set his sights on the Olympic Games, organizing and running a bobsled team in 1994, 1998, and 2002.

—But he couldn’t stay away from publishing. In 1996, he joined the staff of the internationally-known Ferrari magazine, FORZA, where he has served as Grand Prix Editor every since.

—Right around that time, he was reunited with his first love, Suzie, from whom he had been separated by the ’56 Revolution.