Francis Howe – Motor Man Par Excellence


Tim May


Francis Howe – Motor Man par Excellence” is the first biography of Francis, Earl Howe (1884-1964), a major figure in the pre-war and post-war motor racing and motoring world. Howe had a distinguished motor racing career pre-war, competing at the highest level in Grands Prix and at Le Mans.
During his racing career he competed in a wide variety of cars including Mercedes, Maserati, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo and ERA.
After the war he was a major figure in the organizational side of motor racing until his death in 1964.
Francis Howe was a nobleman, a politician, a naval officer, grand prix racing drive, and a motor racing administrator.
In this comprehensive biography Tim May covers all aspects of Howe’s fascinating life. He outlines Howe’s family background and how it shaped his character and interests. There are chapters on his naval service and his political career, both as a member of Parliament and in the House of Lords. A major part f the book is devoted to Howe’s motor racing career, with chapters on sports car racing, grand prix racing, voiturette racing and his later years as an administrator of the sport. It includes a comprehensive list pf Howe’s racing appearances.
The book is illustrated with over 200 photographs, mostly never before published.