Formula 1 in Camera 1960-69: Volume 2


Paul Parker


Formula 1 in Camera 1960-69, Volume 2 is a second look at surely the most exciting, perilous and ever varied period in Formula 1, from the end of the 2.5-litre/750cc supercharged era (1954–1960), via the small, delicate and sometimes beautiful 1.5-litre machines of 1961–65 to the 3-litre racers in 1966. It was a decade that rendered front-engined Grand Prix cars finally obsolete, to be replaced by technically superior rear-engined machines. Ultimately wider tyres, better brakes and the emergence of aerodynamic wings and spoilers dramatically increased cornering and straight-line speed. Finally with the advent of the much faster 3 litre machines and following the multiple crashes during the 1966 Belgian GP, the injured Jackie Stewart began his at first much maligned safety crusade which changed motor sport forever. Legendary figures of the era, including Jack Brabham, Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, John Surtees, Denny Hulme and Jackie Stewart, feature throughout this visually stunning and highly nostalgic book, together with some of the now long forgotten and obscure, which is brought to life as usual through the author’s rich commentary.