Fiat 124 Spider Performance Portfolio 1966-1985




This portfolio covers one of Fiat’s iconic cars, the Pininfarina-designed 124 Spider. Production started in 1966 at which time Fiat also introduced the Coupe. The sixties was a great time for sports cars with the 124 Spider competing with Alfa Romeo Spider, MGB, Triumph TR4 and 5 and the Datsun Fairlady. As the years rolled on by – the Spider would remain in production for almost two decades – Fiat kept up a program of continual improvements that involved regular engine capacity increases to 1608cc, then to 1756cc and finally to 1995cc. Along the way there were only minor cosmetic changes to the styling of the 124 Spider – it remained as pure a design as any during a time of some turmoil in the world’s automobile industry and production ended in 1985.