Ferrari F40 Enzo Ferrari’s Last Emotions


Cyrille Jacquinot

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The mythical F40 was in its time the fastest production car ever built and the object of all desires.
In this unique 324-page book (that is to say one page per kilometer/hour reached), more than 40 testimonials from personalities who collaborated in the creation of the F40 such as designers, draftsmen from Pininfarina, test drivers, but also many people who have promoted the image of the F40, such as owners, drivers, stars, artists, presidents of Ferrari Clubs, importers, distributors, technicians etc.
The author makes us share in a tour of the world all his memories, meetings and correspondences.
In more than 30 years, the F40 still leaves us with so many strong emotions, desired by Enzo Ferrari during his lifetime.

Participated: Nicola Materazzi, Oscar Scaglietti, Leonardo Fioravanti, Aldo Brovarone, Pietro Camardella, Mario Vernacchia, Dario Benuzzi, Luca Picco, Brenda Vernor, Paolo Pininfarina, Sergio Cassano, Paolo Cavalieri, Giorgio E. Cavalieri, Manuel de Miguel-Mornet, Fede Garcia, Giuseppe Greco, Ed Gilbertson, Chuck Queener, Christian Philippsen, Patrick Tambay, Jean Alesi, Jean Berchon, Philippe Gardette, Pierre Daverat, Dominique Bardini, Pascal Papazyan, Philippe Bouvard, Yan Denes, Rossano Candrini, Mauro Raccanello, Luca Fornetti , Junichiro Hiramatsu, Hideki Yoshida, Albert Seyler, John Pogson, Dimitrios Spyropoulos, Nikolay Panuli, Blaise Zuchuat, Tiziano and Fabrizio Carugati, Roger Imboden etc. and many others.