Ferrari at Heart


Mauro Forghieri Daniele Buzzonetti


The fascination of Ferrari will last forever but the years that saw Enzo Ferrari himself at the top continue to attract attention and curiosity to a greater extent.

The 1960s, when World Sportscar races (with the legendary feud between Ferrari and Ford) were even more important than F1 itself, were particularly intriguing. The 1970s, characterized by the world titles of Niki Lauda, ​​interrupted for a year by his unfortunate accident on the Nürburgring track, were also famous.

The 1980s were legendary, marked by the verve of the over 80-year-old Enzo Ferrari, who was never tamed in an increasingly complicated F1. For the entire period mentioned, Enzo Ferrari was accompanied by engineer Mauro Forghieri, who had taken his first steps in Maranello at the age of 22 and who, just four years later, was appointed general manager of the Technical Office. The story of the engineer from Modena is therefore fundamental in reconstructing the events of the Prancing Horse manufacturer, described in this new book through a series of short stories, with engineer Forghieri and other key figures of the period in the forefront.

And always with Enzo Ferrari as protagonist, if only for his powerful personality.

This book is not merely the biography of engineer Mauro Forghieri but a sequence of stories about Ferrari. Described by the narrator/protagonist, famous in any case for having designed and managed a never-ending series of F1 and sportscars on the track. Going into further detail on the   topics, the stories are interspersed with ten direct accounts, on facts that saw Forghieri as the protagonist, and narrated by well-known personalities, starting with Enzo Ferrari himself. Together with the latter, Piero Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, the engineer Gian Paolo Dallara, Franco Gozzi, the drivers Niki Lauda and René Arnoux, the sporting directors Marco Piccinini and Daniele Audetto, and the famous actor Paul Newman.