Fast Lines


Pete Lyons


Pete Lyons grew up on the track, and has covered auto racing since the early 1960s. His pieces couple his enthusiasm for motorsports with clear insight into the factors that make cars and men champions. Whether he’s screwing up his chance to learn how to drive fast from Dan Gurney, or taking a lap while precariously wedged into a Can-Am car with Peter Revson at the wheel and at full noise, Lyons picks up on the details that help us understand and appreciate what makes racing great. Fast Lines is a collection of 55 of Pete’s columns, Fast Lines, from Vintage Racecar Magazine. The book includes looks at cars and racers from Formula 1, Can-Am, Indycar, and endurance racing, most of them racers who competed in the 1960s and 1970s. He also includes glances into the contemporary Mario Andretti, mellowed hardly at age 60, and events like Sebring, Goodwood, and the Monterey Historics.