Evan Wilson’s Giulietta Book


Evan Wilson



A must for every Giulietta owner or potential owner!

Owners of Alfa Romeo Giuliettas and Giulias of the 1950s-60s were on their own in the 1970s when I served as editor of Alfantics, the newsletter of the Capital Chapter of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, and the Alfa Owner, the newsletter of the national club. My position enabled me to observe how owners talked about and worked to keep these cars running, whether as daily drivers, restored for weekend outings, or on the track. By 1983, when my Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750 and 101 series Giuliettas and Giulias; 1954-1965 was released, my hoped-for $12 price had, sadly, morphed into $40. As soon as my book was out of print, people were paying uupload p to $400 a copy. Nowadays, I see copies offered at $100-to-$300 on the Web. This revised and updated edition continues to answer the need I saw back then and advance the story I set out to tell at the original price. This long-awaited rerelease contains more than 48% new material .