E-type Jaguar DIY Restoration: a Kind of Loving


Chris Rooke


Want to own a fabulous E-type Jaguar, the sexiest and most loved sports car ever created? Can’t afford the tens and tens of thousands of Pounds or Dollars or Euros to go and buy a superb example, or have one professionally restored? The alternative is to restore one yourself. Can it be done? Is it even possible and practical to restore or work on one yourself at home, or will it all end in tears, and be an expensive, depressing mistake? This book can help bring the dream to reality. This is the story of how one man did it, how he completely restored his beloved E-type Jaguar, transforming it from a complete wreck into a gorgeous and usable example of the most iconic sports car of all time. Drama teacher, Chris Rooke, has had no engineering training but his uniquely candid approach to the subject is both instructive and fun. In these pages, he freely admits his many mistakes so that others can avoid them, while giving masses of practical advice that could only be written by someone tackling the challenge for the first time. This hard-hitting book is copiously illustrated throughout with over 550 colour photos. Chris’ camera was always to hand as he worked, and this has allowed him to illustrate many aspects of the work, the pitfalls and the solutions. A down-to-earth enthusiast through and through, Chris’ passion, honesty and determination are inspirational. He overcame every challenge and helps the reader do the same.