Double Nickel II – Hot Rod and Custom art by Yoshio Nakazawa


Yoshio Nakazawa


“Double Nickel 2” is a long-awaited release of a collection of artworks by Yoshio Nakazawa. He is an active contributor to in American cars and bike specialty magazines, fashion and lifestyle magazines. The book includes air brush, watercolor, and digital works which have been drawn over a the last 25 years, . His work provides a variety of lyrical expressions that let you feel realistic depiction of the subject from  rusty junk yards to cool custom bikes,  from the classic cars with gleaming chrome which evoke the dry air and smell of America. If you are a fan of cars or automotive art this is a book want to own.
About the author
Born in Tokyo in 1959. Graduated from Tama Art University graphic design department. In 1985, he debuted professionally in a series of motorbike specialty magazines, and released works based on American Hot Rod, Kustom, Biker culture. His work has a realistic descriptive power and lyrical expression and is popluar in  a wide range of fields including publication and advertising. In 2008, he was invited to the art show “California Screamin 3” at Los Angeles art gallery “Gasoline” to display his works which received high praise from around the world.

Hard cover 168 pages