Deuce of Spades Special Edition Boxed Set


Faith Grainger



  1. The film DVD: Winner of 7 film awards! A period drama set in the 50’s hot rod era. 128 minute runtime, widescreen – all region 24p NTSC – compatible with pal systems. Includes bonus features and Director’s commentaries! Subtitled in 8 foreign languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Danish. Both Stereo and Surround Sound mixes included.
  2. The film double album soundtrack: Disc One features 19 exciting 50’s tunes from the film, perfect for cruising! Doowop, rockabilly, swing and ballads to keep you company. Disc Two features the haunting music of composer/recording artist FAITH GRANGER (“Alternate Faith”) with short excerpts from the film dialogues, so you can relive those great moments.
  3. “AGAINST ALL ODDS, THE MAKING OF” 3-discs bonus DVD set: Featuring a disc loaded with DEUCE OF SPADES BONUS FEATURES (8 cast interviews, 13 deleted scenes, the cars of DEUCE OF SPADES, and one very funny blooper reel) and the 2-discs anticipated documentary mini series “AGAINST ALL ODDS, THE MAKING OF DEUCE OF SPADES”. This entertaining, educative and inspiring documentary features never-seen-before behind the scenes footage showing guerilla filmmaker Faith Granger and her cast, in action. Watch the making of some of the key scenes, get up close and personal as the filmmaker shares her amazing journey and ‘tells it like it is’: From horror stories to miracle stories, this is as real as it gets. Special guests include world renouned car celebrity GENE WINFIELD, American Hot Rod foundation curator/historian JIM MILLER, Emmy award winner PATRICK CYCCONE, lead actor Timothy Luke and many more.
  4. A beautiful color slip case to store and display the above items.