DeTomaso Pantera


David & Linda Adler  Wally Wyss

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In recent years, interest in the DeTomaso marque has increased dramatically. Good Panteras are harder to find each year, and values continue to rise. What’s fascinating about the Pantera community is that no two owners seem to prepare their cars in the same way, and in fact completely original cars are a minority. Unlike in the Corvette, MoPar or Ferrari world where originality is worshipped, in the Pantera constellation, modifications and upgrades are for the most part, accepted and encouraged as long as they are done to a very high standard. This color picture book presents all of the models of Panteras that were offered by the factory in Italy, including the GTS, GT5, GT5-S and the very rare Group 4 race cars. In sharp contrast, mild to wild owner modifications of these cars are shown, including blowers, turbos, massive brakes and carbon fiber body panels, to name a few.