Decorations For The Restorer


Fritz Schriber


“Antique Auto Body Decoration Work for the Restorer” Find out how to stripe, ornament, or monogram your antique vehicle. Period experts will teach you the basics of striping, such as filling the brush, holding the brush, and the mechanics of the brush stroke. You will also learn techniques for lettering, scrolling, transfer ornamenting, monogramming, ornamenting, and cane work imitating as they were practiced on the first motor cars. You will find out about the best pencils and brushes to use. There are 225 illustrations including 100 line drawings detailing striping, spoke and scroll design and early commercial car lettering, and 100 more depicting representative monograms and family crests. Once you have absorbed the techniques that will allow you turn your restoration into a masterpiece, this book will serve as an excellent reference for authentic letter and ornament styles to draw from. This volume represents three generations of expertise. The book is compiled from “The Complete Carriage and Wagon Painter” (1887) by Fritz Schriber (carriage techniques are the same as those used on cars, and this book was very well written), with excerpts and references to “The Carriage Monthly Magazine” (1913-1914) and “The Coachmaker’s Illustrated Handbook” (1917), the complete article by John C. Crim “The Sword Striping Brush, It’s Use and Handling” (1956) and other masters’ texts.127 pages, softbound. Year Application-General.