DBR9 The Definitive History


Thomas Gruber, Christoph Mäder


The book highlights the success story of the DBR9 and is structured in three segments:
1. The development process of the race car and its technology in detail.
2. Review and insight into the Aston Martin Racing campaign. Exclusive interviews with the factory supported and customer car teams.
3. Comprehensive statistics assigned to the individual chassis numbers, drivers and teams.

The book includes unique background knowledge about the development phase and the car‘s aerodynamics. A lot of effort has been invested in computer-generated images. Camera angles from below, above and rear show interesting details. The renderings are in multiple layers and let the reader “unwrap” the DBR9 layer by layer, as they are printed on transparent foils. This gives the reader unique insight into the areas of engine, drivetrain and suspension plus behind the scenes information about the homologation process as well as from the racing campaigns around the world. A detailed listing of each specific DBR9 chassis concludes the book.

The authors spoke with the team managers of the privately run teams to capture the story aside from the works efforts of Prodrive and Aston Martin Racing. An exhaustive list of every DBR9 chassis can be found in the back of the book.

The Aficionado’s edition is limited to 2700 copies.

Large format hardcover book in slipcase