Danger and Poetry: One Glider Pilot’s First Hundred Hours, from Flight School to Rescue Mission


Joe Karam


Joe Karam was born to transcend, but perhaps not to fly. When at twenty-seven his quest for freedom led him to set foot in a glider for the first time, he was overcome with fear and desire. Nothing seemed to have prepared him for such a formidable test of courage, nor did he know anything about Charlie, the taciturn flight instructor he had just entrusted with his life. And yet the sky kept calling… A didactic memoir and a passionate love letter to aviation, Danger and Poetry unites heart and mind to celebrate the pursuit of dreams and the power of teachers.

Particularly recommended for:
– Individuals curious to learn about the joys and challenges of gliding and soaring in a sailplane
– Prospective or existing aviators interested in the mental aspects of the pilot training journey
– Novice or student pilots eager to compare notes on flight training basics and early milestones
– Airplane pilots aspiring to upgrade to more affordable and more silent aerial experiences
– Young freedom lovers, who in many countries can legally fly solo in a glider at age 14
– Flight instructors (especially CFI-G) seeking relevant reading material for their students