Daimler Days Volume 3


Brian E. Smith


Volume 3 of ‘Daimler Days’ is intended to be a supplement to the first two volumes, published in 1996. It is less a ‘text book’ but rather more a compilation of additional data relating to Daimler cars with, in many cases, biological details of their owners – past or present. It is hoped the narrative, testimonies, numerous photographs and images will provide pleasure to the browser as well as serving the enthusiast seeking information on a selection of specific cars. To this end, the Author has welcomed contributions made by current and past owners, restorers, auctioneers, dealers and other enthusiasts from around the world.

In 1996, it was said: “‘Daimler Days’ is the most comprehensive work on Daimler cars ever undertaken and is an entirely appropriate celebration of the centenary of British Motor Industry and one of its most pre-eminent concerns.” As a companion to the previous two volumes, this addition runs to approaching 600 pages and contains over 1200 images, predominately in colour and including many not previously published.