Cord Complete


Josh Malks

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“Cord Complete is a VERY limited edition by Josh Malks, the author of Cord 810/812: The Timeless Classic.

The new book is a larger than royal quarto size, a full 10 x 14 inches. The oversize horizontal format permits proper display of vintage and new photographs and drawings. High quality paper stock and the best of modern printing processes make photographs seem to leap from the page. The genuine leather cover recalls the style of the elaborate binders provided by Auburn to its Cord dealers seventy-five years ago.

More subjects are covered, better illuminating the Cord’s contributions to the worlds of the automobile and industrial design. CORD COMPLETE includes the author’s notes on every page, expanding on the text material and offering fresh insights into the lives of the men who created the car and the circumstances of the world around them. Long-lost original charts and graphs have been painstakingly reconstructed and can now be presented in print for the first time.
CORD COMPLETE comes in a custom slipcase which commemorates the art deco showroom floor of the original Auburn Automobile Company.