Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2017-2018


Adolfo Orsi  Raffaele Gazzi


The 23rd edition reports on the most important international classic car auction sales from the 1st of September 2017 to the 31st of August 2018, covering 5,628 cars listed among 308 different marques with indication by chassis number and auction results in three currencies (euro, US dollar and GB pound sterling). New graphs may be found on pages 16 and 22 in the new edition, showing: a) how the average price of cars sold differs significantly due to currency exchange, b) weight of country on total turnover and how the USA has grown from owning half of the market in 2003 to two thirds of the market in 2018, and c) how market turnover is divided by period of manufacturing with percentages of the total and percentages of cars sold, i.e. Classic (1946-1964) period cars accounted for $441 million in auction turnover, or 36.66 % of overall sales, with 76.6% of cars sold. These graphs, in addition to last year’s explosion of new statistics and understanding following the authors’ investment in their database technology, are best understood by also reading the Author’s Comment section in the Yearbook.