Citroën DS : L’avant-garde française: photos inédites


Rogé Remond


Over 60 years old. A certain age. Especially for an automobile. A car born in the 1950s may seem today an obsolete, collector’s item, that we will appreciate with a nostalgic eye and will use only for some demonstration of enlightened amateurs in crossing his fingers so that the machine does not break down … There are, fortunately, a few exceptions among these venerable automobiles with the characteristics of another time. And among these exceptions, the Citroën DS still holds a special place. Above. Elsewhere. In another automotive galaxy. We usually say that it was twenty years ahead when it was launched in October 1955. In fact, it was not ahead: it was simply another vision of the automobile. More ingenious, more intuitive, more interactive with the driver. A sort of machine designed by a Jules Verne of the automobile, the engineer André Lefebvre, and a Leonardo da Vinci of design, Flaminio Bertoni. Supported by a whole team, the management of the brand at the Double Chevron and the spirit of André Citroën, these two men will be the fathers of one of the most emblematic machines of the 20th century.

A book of previously unpublished photos

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