Chevy Powered Drag Racing


Lou Hart


For more than half a century, Chevrolet has served notice at the quarter-mile with record-setting performances from nitro-fed Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars to heavy-metal door slammers.

The list of Chevrolet’s quarter-mile legends include the likes of Bill ”Grumpy” Jenkins, Dick Harrell, ”Dyno” Don Nicholson, Jim Bucher, ”Jungle” Jim Liberman, John Peter’s ”Freight Train,” Clare Sanders, Warren Gunter, Dave Stickler, and Wally Booth. You will find all of these and more featured here in exciting action photos!

With more than 1200 NHRA championships, Manufacturer Championships and Top Eliminator Titles, Chevrolet engines and cars continue to be a strong force in drag racing.